Science communication

Expand your science. Make it visual.

Scientific illustrations and graphic design services to transform complex scientific ideas into engaging visuals.

Visual science services


Looking for a graphical abstract to stand out with your next paper?

Do you need a figure that summarizes all your ideas for that crucial grant application?

Or maybe a good illustration to clarify the mechanism of action of your new therapeutic drug?

The answer to all those questions is simple: a good combination of graphic design and scientific illustration.

Recent projects

Have a look at a small selection of projects:

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Behind the scenes

Science is made by people for people, and Catalyzing Science was born to fill the gap in between. Its goal is to make science visual, to tell stories, and here is mine.


Interested in a scientific illustration? Need some help to find the perfect format for you? Just click the button or send an email at I’ll be happy to help and answer your questions.